Agronomy Services

Soil Testing and a Soil Management Strategy

Improving the health of your soil starts with knowing where you are today.

news.jpgSOFT Agriculture (Sustainable Organic Farming Techniques) provides agronomic support services for farmers to form an assessment of the health of their soil. 

These services include soil, water, plant and animal tissue testing and analysis, farm mapping and fertiliser recommendations.

SOFT Agriculture’s uses a three-step testing process:

  1. Collect representative samples
  2. Analyse the sample at our partner Accredited Testing Laboratory
  3. Use the results of the soil analysis to define the nutrient requirements for optimum soil health - your Soil Management Strategy

To compliment the agronomy services, Soft Agriculture also supplies fully customised sustainable fertiliser blends which can contain a mix of controlled release minerals, organic compost and biochar or your choice of compatible soil ameliorates. 

What is the investment?

The price of the soil sample’s analysis package is $242.00 and SOFT Agriculture are happy to offer our soil testing services, soil management strategy, farm mapping and fertiliser recommendation into this price. 

When you require a soil test or wish to discuss your soil management strategy, please call SOFT Agriculture on 02 6664 5145 or email our Agronomist Leo McLean at  




Fertcare Accredited Advisor 

LeoOriginal Fertcare Advisor.jpg McLean, SOFT Agriculture's Agronomist, is certified with the Fertcare Accredited Advisor program which is an independent quality assurance scheme for advisors providing nutrient advice based on soil and plant testing. 

The Fertcare Accredited Advisor program assesses the competence of advisors to make nutrient recommendations. Assessment is based on standards set by the Australasian Soil and Plant Analysis Council (ASPAC), which have been mapped to national competencies from the Agriculture Horticulture and Conservation Land Management Training Package “Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation and Land Management Training Package”. 

The standards cover sampling, analysis, interpretation, recommendation and monitoring. Recommendations are tested for completeness and for appropriate management of environmental and food safety risks. 

For more information in relation to this certification please visit Fertilizer Australia.

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