Organic Green Sheep Stockfeed

Green Sheep Stockfeeds blend certified organic grains and protein meals with Biochar Activated Green Sheep Feed Additive to provide your herd with all the essential mineral and vitamin requirements for optimum health and productivity.

Green Sheep Stockfeeds are specially formulated for sheep of all ages from newborn lambs, eyes, wethers and rams.

The key ingredient Green Sheep Feed Additive is a specially formulated blend of Biochar for animal ingestion to improve livestock health, aid weight gain and ultimately improve the profitability of your operation.

Green Sheep products are available in bulk/bulk bag/small 25kg bag.

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Our product range include:

GS420 Green Sheep™ Starter Ration
GS430 Green Sheep™ Grower & Finisher Ration
GS440 Green Sheep™ Ewe & Lamb Ration

NOTE: Please allow up to 2 weeks when placing orders over 1 tonne (excluding transport time).  

Custom Rations

We can tailor a custom ration to suit your particular requirements. Custom rations are available for bulk orders only. Please contact David Fenn, 0484 645 222 or to discuss your requirements. 

Organic Certification Certificates

For more information about our Green Sheep Products please contact us.  

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