SOFT Compost

SOFT Compost is moist, nutritious, humified organic compost which is created through a thermophilic composting process.

SOFT Compost is carefully formulated mix of food, oxygen, and habitat for plant beneficial microorganisms that produces a complete range of plant available nutrients and humus for soil health.

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SOFT Compost has the following benefits for your garden, lawn or fields:

Image: SOFT Compost in the making at Mallanganee, NSW. 



Image: Winner of the Summerland Pumpkin Competition, using SOFT Compost this mighty pumpkin was born!

How to order?

SOFT Compost is available for collection from SOFT Agriculture at the following location: 7696 Bruxner Highway, Mallanganee NSW 2469.

Please call us on 02 6664 5145 to discuss frieght and delivery options. 

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