SOFT Fert and SOFT Compost

Organic Fertilisers

SOFT Agriculture offers organic fertiliser blends which can contain a mix of Australian sourced apatite derived phosphorus, controlled release minerals, organic compost and biochar or your choice of compatible soil ameliorates. 

Organic Compost with Biochar

SOFT Compost is moist, nutritious, humified organic compost which is created through a thermophilic composting process. SOFT Compost is carefully formulated mix of food, oxygen, and habitat for plant beneficial microorganisms that produces a complete range of plant available nutrients and humus for soil health. Biochar inclusion for improved biological and carbon features.

ProductSummaryFact Sheet
SOFTrockphos  Phosphorus 16%, fine textured. Loose form, belt spread.
SOFTrockphos Fact Sheet
SOFTphos+C Phosphorus 12% + Organic Compost (with Biochar). Loose form, belt spread. SOFTphos+C Fact Sheet
SOFT T.E.C. Phosphorus 10% + Organic Compost (with Biochar) + Trace Elements. Custom blend. Loose form, belt spread. SOFT T.E.C. Fact Sheet 
SOFT Super Compost  Even blend of Phosphorus 10.6% + Organic Compost (with Biochar). Loose form, belt spread. SOFT Super Compost Fact Sheet
SOFT Compost Organic Compost (with Biochar). Loose form, belt spread. SOFT Compost

How to order?

Our SOFT Fert range and SOFT Compost are available for collection from SOFT Agriculture at the following location: 7696 Bruxner Highway, Sandilands NSW 2469 (4km from Mallanganee).

Please call us on 02 6664 5145 to discuss frieght and delivery options. 

Australian Certified Organic:

Please note that Mara Seeds Pty Ltd is the parent company of SOFT Agriculture Pty Ltd. 

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Fertcare Accredited Advisor: 

Leo McLean, SOFT Agriculture's Agronomist, is certified with the Fertcare Accredited Advisor program which is an independent quality assurance scheme for advisors providing nutrient advice based on soil and plant testing. For more information related to the accreditation please click here

Material Safety Data Sheets: 

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