Organic Fertilisers

SOFT Agriculture offers fully customised sustainable fertiliser blends which can contain a mix of controlled release minerals, organic compost and biochar or your choice of compatible soil ameliorates. 

They are available in either a loose form for belt spreading or granulated as per the description below. 

CodeProductNutritional Summary
MS100 SOFTrockphos P15: Ca32. 15% phosphorous, fine textured.
MS200 SOFTphos+C 0.12:2:9:21:5C, fine textured Biofertiliser.
MS300 SOFTphos T.E.C 0:12:2:9:21:4C, fine textured Biofertiliser. 

How to order?

Our SOFT Fertilisers are available for collection from SOFT Agriculture at the following location: 7696 Bruxner Highway, Mallanganee NSW 2469.

Please call us on 02 6664 5145 to discuss frieght and delivery options. 

 Download documents/view certificates:

For more information about our Soft Fertiliser Products please contact us.  


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